What You Should Know Before Training Your Puppy to Use the Bathroom in

The most crucial first step you can take for a long and happy life together with your “best friend” is learning how to potty train your puppy at the proper time and location. One of the main reasons why dogs are evicted from their cozy homes or end up in shelters is because of messes that are made in the house. Only a few people will put up with a dog that wrecks carpets and floors or leaves an unpleasant mess for you to clean up after a long day at work.



You can successfully train the dog if you take the following precautions:

  • Manage his diet
  • Watch and identify his behavior.
  • Boost your puppy's confidence and show him some love.
  • Have the right training resources


Control his diet


Puppies' digestive systems are still developing, so they can't really process large amounts of food.


This is why it's advised that you divide your puppy's feeding schedule into three smaller meals. Keeping in mind that the food should be of the highest quality Whatever you choose, make sure it is appropriate for your puppy.


The best way for owners to determine if it's time to change their dog's diet is to look at the dog's stools. It might be time to switch to a new food if your puppy has dry, loose, and unpleasant-smelling stools. Consult your veterinarian about this. Additionally, overfeeding can cause diarrhea, which only makes housebreaking more challenging.


Recognize and pay attention to your dog's physical actions.


The majority of the time that your dog moves his bowl is typically in the morning after waking up, or 30 minutes after each meal and 15 minutes after each drink. You should pay close attention to the dog's physical behavior during this time; if you notice him repeatedly sniffing a small area, walking back and forth, turning in circles, etc., this indicates that the dog needs to go, and you should lead the dog to the dog toilet right away so that it can do so normally.


Boost your puppy's self-esteem and shower him with affection.


When your dog has completed his business in the proper manner, you should congratulate him for acting right and encourage him to keep up. If your dog did wrong, don't make a fuss about it and clean up the mess.


In order to prevent future instances of the dog going potty in the same spot, use a cleaner that also eliminates odors. If you see your dog squatting to urinate or poop, pick him up and take him outside right away. If he does go outside, give him praise and attention. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to house training.


Possess the necessary equipment


Dog crates are frequently used when potty training dogs outside. Also for younger or older dogs that live in an apartment, disposable pee pads, potty trays/dog toilets are essential. Whatever tools you choose, please keep them in the same place.


Dog training is a laborious task that calls for perseverance and continuous effort on the owner's part in order for the dog to more effectively understand the training of spotting defecation and form a habit.

Here are 2 specific training methods

Crate training

Potty training