Our Story

10 years ago, I had my first dog, a poodle who was abandoned by his previous owner in the hospital. I named him Coffee. He is very smart and can understand what we say most of the time, so sometimes we ignore the training that is necessary for a house pet. Because he has been doted on by us, become more and more courageous. One day, my mother let him play in the backyard in the morning, but he ran onto the road by himself. He was dead when we found him...On that moment, I had the idea of training dogs, then I often went to ASPCA as a volunteer to learn how to train dogs correctly. Later, we came to our team and began to try professional dog training.

From the very beginning, we only have Bean. Bean is a Labrador that I adopted from the ASPCA. When I first time saw him, he was only four months old, and it was the most disobedient time. Initially, we experienced some painful memories. He kept barking, jumped on everyone excitedly, rummaged through the trash can, and defecated everywhere... We attributed it to the behavior of the puppy, and we found a suitable one for him through various trials and errors. But as he got older, the jumping turned into a bite, he wanted to run farther and quicker, and lastly, he had his own opinions. Through different attempts again and again, we gained experience from every failure, and finally, with our unremitting efforts, Bean became a well-behaved and sensible child. Later, we used these experiences on more dogs, constantly making changes and updates, then become the Patpet that we loved.