Ways to stop your dog's barking

Some dogs enjoy barking a lot, which is annoying and also indicates that they need to be trained. The primary goal is to teach your dog when to bark. If the guests arrive and he continues to bark without stopping, and you pick him up, he will believe that he has done the right thing. In fact, you should firmly say, "No/stop (do not bark)" so that he will self-correct.


Your puppies in the kennel are occasionally barking because they are lonely and bored. If you go over to take a look and don't do anything (no correction is given), they will assume that the owner will arrive right away when they bark.

 If your dog is barking uncontrollably before eating, the command "do not bark" should be given, and scold him,  


when he has stopped barking, immediately give a reward (food or petting)

Any of the above actions, as long as there has been even a small amount of improvement, should be rewarded in order to express your approval.