Once the dog has learned to sit, it can continue to learn to lie down training, as long as it is encouraged by a treat.

  1. Put the dog on the leash, and then give the command "sit" to order the dog to sit .
  2. Then walk in front of the dog and crouch down, then put the treat in your hand and slowly move it from the dog's eyes up and down.
  3. When the food or snack in your hand touches the ground, the dog will also lie down in order to get the reward. When the dog is about to lie down, you need to say "Down" to the dog.
  4. Remember to when the dog is completely lying down, do enough action, to give him a treat!
  5. If the dog does not lie down, try to pull the lead rope down so that it slowly lies down.

6, if the dog still does not lie down, you can put your left hand around its body, hold the dog's neck with your hand, and then slowly push the dog down.

  1. Repeat.

Matters needing attention

1, the dog lies down, such as hind limb skew and other problems, the dog owner should be corrected in time, but pay attention to the method, so as not to destroy the whole movement.

2, lying down and sitting do not often contact training, so as to avoid the dog lying down after the automatic sitting or sitting down after the automatic lying bad contact.

3, lying delay is not consolidated before, do not rush to combine training, so as not to damage the delay.