Recall Training


Before you begin, build a strong bond and more interaction with your dog, and make him want to play with you.

Before starting, keep in mind:


1.Implant (Teach) your dog some praise commands, such as "yes", "good", and "Ok". Pick a word and do not change it so that when you say it, your dog is accustomed to the word. Every time you say it,  he should have the correct or the same response.

2.If your pet has not yet learned "sit", move it to a later lesson or master that first.

3.Motivation is the key. Adding treats to encourage your pet to learn at first will give him more motivation and faster feedback on the training. This will also give you more confidence to continue with the next rounds.

To create a distraction-free zone for your dog, who returns immediately upon the command, keep changing venues or places in training. It is not a bad idea to put a 15-foot leash on him when you start.


1.Place the 15-foot leash on him and keep him on your left side, and say to him "sit" with a hand gesture. Then stand in front of him, face to face, and make him look at your hand.
2.Say "here" and back up straight. While you are backing up and he will follow you, then continue saying "good" and "here" and back up a few feet and stop. Once you stop, let him sit, praise and reward him with a treat.
3.Put on a leash, and let him sit in front of you at the same time. Say "sit" to let him stay.
4.Keep him sitting; if he attempts to stand up, a gesture "sit" once more. Let him sit, and then call him (his name) back after a few seconds. call his name with "here." When the dog approaches you, reward him by saying "good,"  "here," and so on. At this point, you can begin to back up and encourage the dog to continue walking toward you. When he approaches, tell him to "sit" while directing his attention to your raised hand.


Change scenarios: Take the dog to a quiet, open area free from distractions.


Step 1: Stand with the dog on your left side and have him sit. Repeat the command "sit" as you untie the leash.

Step 2: Show the dog the "sit" command and then walk away, continually saying "sit".

Step 3: Walk a distance away from the dog, then stand still in front of him with your arms folded across your chest.

Step 4: After a few seconds, open your arms and say his name followed by the command "here" in an excited tone. If he runs back to you, praise and reward him. Repeat the name and the "here" command.

Step 5: If the dog runs back to you, praise and reward him. Repeat the dog's name and the "here" command.

 Put the leash back on and finish the training session. Throughout the training, make sure to motivate and encourage the dog, and praise him for his progress.