Multi Pets

How Can You Make Dogs Get Along?

Your dog makes your home happy; why not get another one? a double blessing? Second, without a doubt! He can keep your first love company while you, the pooper scooper, are at work so that he won't feel lonely. Yet the joy of getting two dogs is not as easy as our talks.

There is only one dog in the house, so the old boss will be impacted in some way when a new resident moves in. Is there a possibility that your dog will not get along with this stranger? Why does this happen?


The two dogs may fight frequently as a result of the change in the dog's social standing. Dogs are highly socialized creatures that establish relationships of authority and submission to uphold stability and prevent constant fighting.

He might believe that his rights have been exploited if this kind of relationship is broken. That is, the newcomer will greatly upset the old boss at home, which will lead to the start of the conflict between the two dogs.


Third: Avoid being too quick to step in during the dog's struggle. For the stability and peace of their community, it is crucial that a dog establishes their dominance. If two dogs are fighting, the shoveler should stay out of it as much as possible and let the dogs figure it out.


To prevent dog fights, you should also pick the best companion for your second dog when selecting it.

Dogs pair up better with other males than with females and vice versa. Two male dogs may be able to determine who is dominant and who is submissive and thereby avoid conflict. However, when it comes to females, they are more likely to be at each other's throats to the point of death and less likely to submit to authority. Make sure to have the dog spayed if you decide to pair a male and a female.

You must admit that having two dogs gives you "double" the benefits. But with double happiness also comes double the responsibility on your part. Spend more time with two dogs so that the "two dogs ride on a horse, one must ride behind" phenomenon will one day be overcome!