Methods of training dogs not to bite

  1. Some dogs will bite, the main reason is because of too little time and meet people, so we should have been more common training the dog to learn to play with people, and let it play with other dogs, so, the dog knew how to get along with other dogs, would not be threatened by a little scared or bite.

This requires parents, usually lead the dog out for a walk, on the one hand is to let the dog's body exercise, on the other hand is to let the dog more contact with strangers, and strange dogs. Let your dog learn to socialize properly.

  1. From the first day the dog comes home, the owner should establish his authority. Dogs are pack animals, and pack animals are led by leaders, so in the first place, you need to establish the leadership, so that the dog will not disobey you in the future.

For example, when you bring the dog home, don't spoil it with bad habits. Set clear rules that the puppy must follow at home, such as when to eat and what to play with.

If your dog breaks the rules, correct it immediately. For example, if you only let your dog play in the kitchen, take him out and verbally criticize him as soon as he enters the living room or bedroom.

  1. It is important for owners to instill in their dogs from an early age the idea that biting will not be tolerated. If they show such a tendency, first of all, a stern verbal warning should be given and second, owners should give their dogs the cold shoulder. Let him know the consequences. And what should we do when they start to bite? Be sure to shout at him, then tell him no with a very serious face, then make a commanding gesture and tell him that you are the "leader" and that it is up to you, so this kind of behavior is not allowed.
  2. If the dog started rictus for you, so you'll have to pay attention to, this is for your authority's provocations, this time you must hold a very tough attitude to him, snapped at for its actions, and if they are gently bite you, you need at this time you prepared a bone for the dog or a molar, make them something molars. It's important to note that when a dog shows his teeth, it shows that he wants to bite something, so you have to come out and teach him that he can't bite people, but he can bite certain things.
  3. Every time your dog bites you, make sure your dog knows that it is hurting you. In their world, when dogs bite each other for fun, they will only stop if the other one screams in pain. Every time it bites you, shout it out, and if it behaves like this, you'd better ignore it for a day, so the dog knows that if it bites you, you won't play with it.
  4. If your dog bites you, you need to punish him or her. This is not to encourage people to hit him or her, but if he or she wants to bite, do something to let him or her know what the punishment will be. Like find a watering can, and if the dog bites you, you spray it in the head. Or get a pair of gloves and put something smelly on them. If the puppy is always biting your hand, then he will taste the bad smell and won't want to bite you anymore.