Personalities:  Timid and obsequious. Don't dare or will not do something, will create resistance (whimpering/grunting)


Characteristic: Repressed and indifferent to everything.


Training Strategy: Because they need to take a while to adjust, it is not advised to enroll them in more challenging training programs. Instead, they should socialize more, and have their confidence built up by using positive reinforcement.



They display a pessimistic passive defense (or, in the worst case, incontinence) when they come into contact with something frightening or frightens them, which makes training more difficult. One should use gentle tones and movements to avoid a sudden fright that would prevent the dog from approaching the owner (or trainer) for a prolonged period of time and hinder the formation of an affinity relationship. Second, if they are fearful of something, they should be trained using the patient induction technique to gradually break the dog's state of passivity and teach them to adapt.

Determine the dog's personality and provide sensitive instruction based on the dog's individuality.