How to transition your puppy from indoor to outdoor potty training

When the time comes to transition your puppy from the potty pad to the outside (please see the advice in the Potty training with pee pads or trays section), Just take your dog outside rather than to his pad. You might find the following advice helpful.

  • Introduce the phrase "hurry up" or "go potty" as a potty cue. Use these when your puppy is about to leave, and then reward him as soon as he finishes. You can train your puppy to use the designated spot you designate, including the outdoor potty area, with enough practice.
  • To avoid confusing your puppy, move the potty pad outside just a short distance every day. Face the door to begin with, then move slowly outside to the last outdoor location.
  • Once he is outside, make the potty pad smaller. Some puppies will adjust quickly, especially when given cues, but if yours is having trouble, gradually reduce the size of the potty pad until he can relieve himself on the ground.