How to Train Your Dog From a Distance

In order to command a dog from a distance, the first step is to get the dog to execute the command accurately at close range. Make sure the dog knows the intent of your instructions and follows through. Accurate execution of the "set" subject is a necessary prerequisite. Lengthen the distance, lengthen the time, and add distractions to keep the dog still and focused on you. If not, return to the beginner's training course until your dog is ready for remote training.

  1. First of all, select a low-interference environment and take the dog to get familiar with the site.
  2. Train the dog to "sit", "lie" and "stand" normally, and give rewards (food or toys). Be sure to draw the dog's attention to you.

3, let the dog sit down, give the "fixed" command, the man step back, several times "sit" "lie" and "stand" training. Make sure the dog stays in place to avoid moving.

4, step back, you can first test the distance it can accept. Then move forward and train the remote command at this distance.

5, reward can return to the dog side reward, also can let the dog come to reward!

  1. Continue to improve the distance after stability. The process is to avoid improving too quickly, to keep the dog successful, the right pace, and try to avoid failure training.