Stop being aggressive for food

How to teach your dog to guard food?

  1. The safest way to feed the dog is to put the food on your hand. Your dog won't bite you; instead, he will lick the food. When he feels comfortable doing this, you can try holding the food bowl in your hands.


  1. Let the dog get used to eating when someone is around. When feeding him, you touch him first with your hand. Pour food into his bowl while petting it, then carry on while he is eating. You should pet him slowly and gently, and you can also talk to him to earn his trust that you won't take his food. Avoid being hasty or abrupt when petting your dog; instead, go at your dog's pace and tolerance level. Starting at his back and gradually working your way to his head when he doesn't resist, it can sometimes take several days.


  1. After the dog is relaxed around people and enjoys being petted while eating, but not under threat, try to carry the food bowl away as you start to. Watch for any indications that he might bite you throughout the meal, such as starting to wrinkle its nose, making whirring noises, squinting its eyes at people, etc. Especially when he bareshis teeth and starts acting, yelling, and rebuking him. The dog must be tamed. With forced suppression, the dog is meant to understand that "I, not you, am the master." I feed you. You can only have food..., “then take food away. Say "Good dog, buddy," pet him, and give him praise when he settles down. Give him the food once more. Continue doing this until he stops opposing you.