How to Teach Your Dog to Eat Properly

The objective is for the dog to learn proper eating techniques so that food doesn't end up all over the floor/place.



Always eat first before feeding the dog. This is done to help him recognize his proper place, and eventually he will learn to wait for his owner to finish before his turn and develop a good eating habit. If  he appears to be grunting and begging for food while you are eating, you should ignore him but do not drive him away. He will eventually understand that grunting is pointless and that needs to stop.


Began to prepare food for the dog after eating, and carrying the dog bowl to him, with a training rope around his neck, to avoid him suddenly snatching food. First commanded him sit quietly, and then slowly put down the dog bowl, if he can not wait and try to get up, you immediately pick up the dog bowl, and then pull the training leash to restrain him from stand up or snatch food, and sternly tell him “bad dog”(his behavior is wrong), and continue to give the command to sit, until he quietly sit. Then place the bowl in front of thim, you then give the command to "eat".


We can gradually lengthen the dog's waiting time, from three up to ten seconds, so that you can develop the dog's patience and obedience.

When he finished, give him a big hug, praise him for doing such a great job. Repeat this training week after week, eventually he will understand that begging for food is useless, you will definitely feed him after eating.