Jumping on people

How do I get my dog to stop jumping on people?

When you go outside or have visitors or children over, your dog will be eager to jump on them, which will frighten people.

How can I teach my dog not to jump up on people? Give him a collar and leash, and when he jumps on the visitor once more, tighten the leash to make him uncomfortable and discourage him from jumping on people. You can also yell at him to calm him down.


Keep him steady and pat him on the back when he stops. After that, sit him down by holding his bottom with your other hand.

Finally, you can ask the visitors to hold out their hands for the dog to sniff while also giving him a treat, which will help the dog develop trust in them. Remember that you have to be there when you give verbal approval!


Friendly reminder:

  1. Kindly refrain from teaching multiple commands to your dog at once.
  2. Do not be reluctant to allow your dog to practice in an environment where he has jumped on people or has never been.
  3. Begin your training sessions in an area where your dog can concentrate easily, and then switch locations.