How can you get your dog to stop biting and gnawing everything?

Every dog owner's worst nightmare is when their dog develops the bad habit of carelessly biting and chewing. Because they enjoy chewing, it is easy for them to nibble on things they should not. (For instance, poisonous flowers, roadside rotten food, new bed sheets, sofa covers, curtains, new shoes, rat poison, etc.) Naturally, nothing that passes through the dog's mouth will essentially remain whole. Moreover, because of this bad habit, it can also lead to dog illness, poisoning, and even death. So what should we do about this reckless chewing and biting behavior?


Put the dog on a leash first, and then take him to the location where he frequently chews or bites objects. Then loosen the leash and let the dog play freely. Keep a close eye on every move your dog makes!


Second, you should immediately pull the leash and say "no" when you notice the dog approaching the item slowly and attempting to chew it. Immediately after pulling the dog back to your side, give him a warning and a firm no. You can now reward the dog with treats if it behaves well and is obedient to your commands. On the other hand, if he refuses to listen and obey, you should also punish him accordingly.


The best time to begin training your dog is when he is still a puppy. Puppies have a strong memory and understanding, and they are naturally more open to training because they are so curious about the outside world.


Of course, training dogs should adhere to methods that are fair, scientific, and effective. Insults are not permitted, nor are any reprimands.