Dynamic Bouncer

Personalities: Energetic, bouncy, focused on one thing at a time and has a very active personality.


Characteristic: They are known for their intense excitement and inhibition, quick conversion, and quick training in the development of excitement and inhibitory reflexes.



Training strategy: When assertiveness outweighs activity, use a reward-based strategy; otherwise, use a punishment. Inadequate training techniques are likely to create negative associations, so you must pay close attention to the strategy and keep an eye on the dog's behavior to adjust the training methods in a timely manner.


Due to the dog's maladaptation, they are sensitive to some novel and unusual stimuli in their environment, and despite repeated exposures, this sensitivity does not lessen or vanish. Such dogs should typically receive more environmental exercise as part of their care so that they can gradually adapt. Allow the dog to become accustomed to the surroundings before each training session, and try to pick a training location that is quiet and free of outside distractions. When the exploratory reflex arises while the dog is being trained, the owner should make an effort to draw attention to the training object and may also use suitable coercive measures to inhibit the reflex.