The Active Energizer

Personalities: active, assertive, overexcited, and inquisitive.  


Characteristics: These dogs have a high threshold for excitement and poor inhibitory control; they form an excitability-conditioned reflex quickly and strongly and an inhibitory-conditioned reflex that fades slowly and easily.He will be shown the object of interest very quickly, but he will soon become interested in other things (giving him a toy will make him very happy; if you give him another toy, he will immediately drop the first and prefer the second, which is the idea of being capricious and fickle). Quick response during training and easy to recall



Training strategy: Take your time and do not rush; the main goal of reward training is to avoid undesirable/unacceptable outcomes.


To the fullest extent possible, we should train with food as a stimulus and use as much of our strength as we can. Strong food responses in dogs make them more susceptible to accepting food from all directions, which affects how related lessons are developed. Pet or working dogs who have been trained should not accept food from others or carry food around. Therefore, we should step up the "do not" or "prohibition" training to help dogs form good habits.