How to recall your dog from a noisy dog park

Keep in mind that this is likely one of the most crucial abilities you want your dog to develop. No matter what, come back to your side because that is the best way to safeguard both your dog and other people. It's simple when the dog is on a leash; we just pull. But most of the time, we want to give him freedom.

 Strolling through your yard without having to dodge oncoming traffic

 Following an enthusiastic animal chase, returning to the yard

 Having a free run in the beach park before returning to you


A significant advancement in your training strategy is the addition of a remote training collar. Trainers need to be aware of the proper training techniques and how the electronic collar functions. It's crucial to know how to use and stick with the training. The purpose of the e-collar is to reinforce commands that your dog already understands; it is not intended to be a teaching tool. The more effectively your dog obeys commands, the more effectively he will behave while wearing an e-collar. Before switching from a leash to an e-collar, your dog must consistently obey all of your commands.

For beginner training on recall check out: TEACH YOUR DOG RECALL.


You can start training your dog with the remote e-collar once they demonstrate that they can perform the "come" behavior on their own without your assistance. Start this training in a quiet setting with a snack at hand and him on a leash.


Using the leash as a safety net, you can direct him to follow your instructions. Be careful that the leash is attached to another base collar. Your dog does not understand static stimulation at first when it comes from the electronic collar, nor the source of it. The leash is used to direct him to the desired command, and when he completes the command, gives the dog a reward. This reinforces the command when you use a light static stimulus.